Built for Love

AMADEO is 13 years young.  AMADEO first met at a small clubhouse at power ranch.   And then AMADEO moved to Power Ranch Elementary.  Next AMADEO cruised over the a retail strip mall in downtown Queen Creek where we set up a community center that included a church, coffee shop, pregnancy center, apartment outreaches, and homeless ministry as well as a slew of other connections with Human trafficking groups and mentoring networks.  

 We are asking the Lord for, and waiting patiently for, the Lord to move us to our permanent community center.  Pray with us.

It will include: (if permittable)

  • Many of the services we already do
  • A farmers market, if permitted
  • Crops for teaching sustainibility and job training and creation
  • An Art barn for visual arts
  • A food processing barn for providing community meals in a nearby stripmall
  • A prayer and meditation garden
  • Garden plots that can be adopted by families in the community, home schooling and teaching about growing things God's way - responsible sustainibility
  • A prayer chapel
  • And more....

All these are just ways of connecting with people - so that we can share the Love of God, the truth of the gospel, and to preach the gospel by serving other people at their point of need.  People need community, love, prayer, and most of all Jesus.

Below is just an inspirational design.  What God provides may be different.  We are seeking our best to honor the ethos of the city and be good neighbors.

Right now, we have land at 20549 E Germann road - a farm called King and Queen Farm.

We are farming Peaches, Grapes, and various cover crops, and vegetables and fruits.

We begin a new campaign to raise 1 million dollars down for a building starting Fall 2018.